What is the difference between freebase and nic salts
2 week ago

Whether you've been vaping for a long time or are starting off and trying to understand the lingo, this guide is here to help you understand the difference between Freebase liquids and Nic Salts

and what is the best for yourself.

50/50 Freebase Liquids

These get their name from the ratio of PG (Proplyene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine). They use a 50:50 mix to deliver the flavours and nicotine hits you need.

PG carries the flavour of whatever liquid you choose and VG produces the vapor and "Clouds" that make it so appealing, tasteful and most importantly smooth.

Freebase liquids also incorporate flavourings as well as freebase Nicotine in them. Freebase Nicotine comes in several strengths but the most common ones set by the industry is the weaker 3mg and

6mg with stronger 12mg and 18mg. We've found that the nicotine type used here sticks in the system longer as well.

Nic Salts

Similar to Freebase liquids Nic Salts also have the same 50:50 ratio of PG and VG generally. However, the type of nicotine used is different with these liquids and generally much stronger.

They provide a smoother vaping experience and deliver stronger flavours as a result. The nicotine content with these comes in either 10mg or 20mg as standard and can be strong for the more avid smoke fans.

In my opinion the perfect go to for anyone entering the market and trying their hand at vaping with kits.

What's the difference?

Mainly this is in the way it feels to vape and the flavours you get from it. Freebase liquids and their type of nicotine can provide a stronger throat hit when vaping.

It can feel scratchy at a higher nicotine strength due to the type of nicotine having a less neutral PH. The stronger you go up to 18mg the more potent the effect on the throat.

With Nic Salts the PH is basic or neutral typically and the result is a smoother hit at a higher nicotine load.

The flavour comes through more as well with these salts and provides a much better overall experience for anyone trying to get into the field. If you're looking for high strength and smooth flavours

then nic salts are the way forward.

What's best for me?

Generally it's dependent on what you want from your vape experience. If the throat scratching feeling is what drives you to vape more then we highly recommend trying Freebase liquids.

If you prefer a smoother experience then Nic Salts can't go wrong.

It's also dependent on your kit and what your currently using. The Ohms of a coil will help determine what might be best suited for you. If your kit runs above 1.0 ohms then both are comfortable and acceptable.

The rule is that the lower the Ohms of the coil then the less resistance it has to heat and the more it will vapourise. With stronger salts and sub ohm kits (anything below 1.0 ohms) high nicotine strengths

(anything above 10mg) will blast you immediately with immense levels of nicotine that's generally not recommended and unpleasant.

If you enjoy high strengths and a smooth experience above 1.0 ohms then we'd recommend using the stronger nic salts,

these will be balanced comfortably with the kit to make a vaping experience you can't ignore. If you would rather use a stronger kit between 0.5 and 1.0 ohms then a lower strength Freebase may be the one

for you or a 100ml with added nic salts which equals to about the same 3mg known in freebase liquids.

All in all it's about balance regarding what your currently using and what it is you want from your experience.

Our Personal Favourites

We've hand picked some of our best go too's when looking at freebase or nic salts. We hope you'll find something here that fits comfortably in your range and lets you try more from the field of vaping.

Freebase -

Simplistic and clean, these liquids give that same scratchy smoking feeling whilst delivering in their flavours comfortably. Whether you want something that resembles cigarettes or to delve into a fruitier range

this label has a wide array to help you tailor your vaping experience to what you need.

Nic Salt - Riot Salts

Riot is known and loved all over the UK and provides and beautiful Nic Salt range that packs flavour into each puff like never before.

With a diverse set of flavours and that signature Nic Salt smoothness you'll enjoy every taste like it was your first this brand.

Bar Salts - Feast Treats

Bar Salts are similar to Nic Salts in their smoothness but deliver more on the flavour side on par if not better than disposables. Treat them like Nic Salts and you can't go wrong here.