Lana Bar xxl 8000 puffs disposable vape review
2 week ago

Lanavape is a rising vape brand that specializes in premium-quality, healthy disposable vapes with an array of delicious and mouth-watering fruit flavors. 

Today we got a few Beco Plushes to start a review. Will the newly launched product Lanavape 8000 Puff satisfy a vaping veteran's need? Let's take a look.


Lanavape hands-on

My first impression of this vape is its milk tea surface. The author has never seen a disposable vape with the milk tea package material used on the device. This idea’s quite bold, unique and creative. Everyone wears milk tea package and knows better than me how it feels. The touch is comfortable, anti-slip, anti-sweat, and warm to hand in the cold winter. The brand calls it an anti-scratch matte coating. And it lifts the quality sense of the device to next level, making it more premium.

What veteran vapers consider most is taste other than fancy designs and appearance, and Beco didn’t disappoint me either. The author has tried the mint flavor, watermelon flavor,  Mojito flavor and tobacco flavor so far. I like the fresh mint flavor most. This mint flavor is not a typical mint, it’s mild and mellow with very little ice inside. This low ice degree will only make it refreshing, not cold at all. Besides, there is a subtle degree of sweetness in the taste, making it more pleasant. As to watermelon flavor, it’s tasty while too cold in winter; Mojito flavor is great; Tobacco is a long-term vaping choice without any sugar or ice flavor inside, it won’t be greasy for frequent vaping, though it makes me cough sometimes for being too strong. Tobacco caution: tough man only.

You’ll feel the buzz brought by nicotine in every flavor, because all the flavors come with a 50mg nic strength. A solid vape to stop craving cigarettes.

One of Beco Plush’s most impressive features is the 8000 puff endurance. It holds 16ml of e-liquid with 8000 puffs. The single device volume equals 8 common pod cartridges, and 24 packs of traditional cigarettes! Therefore, the  price looks pretty reasonable. The 650mAh battery works 3 days per charge without problem.

The author has experienced the tobacco flavor of Beco Plush for over 1 month, charged about 3 times while there is still no sign of running out of vape juice. The taste is still consistent with the fresh one. I reckon the 10 vapes from the brand will last me a year, incredible!

Though this pod is a mouth-to-lung device, the vapor amount is large and rich.