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Disposable Device of Famous Brand Lanavape Airship Review

2023-10-12 09:18:00

On October 11th 2023, famous brand of Lanavape released a new disposable product, the Lana Airship Disposable Vape.

 It is the 5th disposable device  New Model from the Lanavape brand,

 and it features the most stunning design at night. More details will follow in the coming weeks.



 No Matter Where You Go, You Can Always Find Your Choice

 Lana Airship Disposable Vape has a unique and stylish cylindrical appearance. As you may know, most similar disposables on the market have a surface that is printed on directly, and as a result, 

the art design may come off if it is dropped from a height. This will never happen to the  Lanavape Airship Disposable Vape because the  Lanavape Airship Disposable Vape's art design is imbedded between the core and a transparent PC cover.

Not only does this protect the art design, but it also gives the device a beautiful shine and brings a nice feel. Besides, there are also 10 different art designs and 10 flavor options.

10 mix of flavors with different sweetness and iciness:

Mango peach watermelon, Tropical fruits, Double apple, Lush ice, Strawberry ice cream, Blueberry raspberry,blagkgurrant granberry,lemon mint,cola cherry

Pink Lemonade. Excellent Performance, Super Dense Flavor

With the advanced 1.1Ω Gen-2 mesh coil inside, Lana Airship Disposable Vape will give you the freshest and purest flavor.

 The Lana Airship Disposable Vape adopts a Mesh Coil to highly restore the taste. 

Juicy taste, with a long, persistent finish, means vapers will enjoy the excellent enjoyment of sensory and puffs.


No More Leakage Fuss

Besides the fashionable look, Lana Airship Disposable Vape has outstanding atomization performance and brings a comfortable experience. Inheriting the high-quality characteristics of 

Lana Airship Disposable Vape, the Lana Airship Disposable Vape adopts multiple leakage-proof designs to solve the problem of oil leakage during transportation, storage and vaping. No more leakage fuss.

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