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Congratulations And Best Wishes For The Relocation Of LANAVAPE

2022-11-05 14:33:00

Warmly celebrate the relocation of Shenzhen Lana Technology Co., Ltd. Lanavape is an integrated set of industry and trade company, which is mainly engaged in product development, production, marketing planning and wholesale business. The company has their core brand and their mature product lana pod have been sold all over the world.

With the further expansion of the company, the development reached a new level. On September 29, the housewarming ceremony of lanavape was held in the office building of XinbaoyiBao’an District, Shenzhen.


The elephant is invisible, the moisturizing is sound, and the completion of the new office has poured in the deep care of the leaders of the lanavape company for the employees. It also reflects the development prospects of the company's projects.


The layout of the new office space is orderly, and the company has made concerted efforts to witness this wonderful moment.

The leader of the company, Mr. Liu, took the stage to give a speech. Today is a special day. Their agent and the people of lanavape gathered together and celebrated hand in hand, ushering in the long-awaited joyous event-moving to a new home. These 7years after the company was established, there were ups and downs and adversity, and it also received care and love. Without the support and righteous help of friends from all walks of life, there would be no prosperity and growth of the company. There will be no new situation for lanavape. Take this opportunity to express gratitude to friends, customers and all employees from all walks of life, and look forward to the future of the company after its new location.


This housewarming not only replaced a new office environment, but also expressed the determination of every lanavape people to embark on a new journey.


I believe that in the new office environment, all employees of lanavape will strive forward, climb the peak bravely, and create a new chapter with a new attitude and a new starting point!

Wish the future of Lanavape is more brilliant and brilliant.

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