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Best Disposable Vape flavour in South Asia in 2024

2024-01-04 10:09:19

Best Disposable Vape flavour in South Asia  in 2024

It is Tie Guan yin Tea flavours 

why dose the  Tie Guan yin Tea flavours  is popular in south Asia?

there are 3 reason.

1. The production process, tea tree varieties, climate, and season are determined

Tieguanyin is made by the specific preparation method of Anxi Tieguanyin tea, but the raw materials are not necessarily pure, and the fresh leaves do not necessarily come from the Tieguanyin tea varieties in the Anxi area.

In terms of overall performance, Tieguanyin tea and other varieties of tea trees are used as raw materials, and Tieguanyin tea made by the specific preparation method of Tieguanyin tea has a strong orchid fragrance and a special nectar taste, which is commonly known as Guanyin rhyme.

Its unique floral and fruity aroma is not made of jasmine and magnolia flowers, but has the natural fragrance caused by Tieguanyin's tea tree varieties, climate, seasons and unique technology.

Second, the degree of fermented tea is determined

Tieguanyin is micro-fermentation, fermented things it has a taste, fermentation is the key to affect the concentration of tea soup, but also the key to the aroma style, the so-called floral fragrance, fragrance is the result of light fermentation.

Tieguanyin contains the most abundant variety of aroma components, and the proportion of aroma components at medium and low boiling points is significantly greater than that of oolong tea made from fresh leaves of other varieties of tea trees.

3. Stir-fry green

The production process of Tieguanyin is closely related to the aroma. Stir-fried green is the process of destroying the enzyme reaction, and Tieguanyin belongs to oolong tea. Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea, and making oolong tea is also a process of enzymatic fermentation reaction, so green tea is pure tea fragrance, and oolong tea is the fragrance of chemical reaction, and the premise of chemical reaction is physical work.

In general, the reason why Tieguanyin is so fragrant is determined by a variety of reasons, including not only geography, climate, soil, tea varieties, but also Anxi tea farmers devote themselves to researching and making skills.

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