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About thevape in your hand: have you found the right way to charge it?

2022-11-24 10:59:22

We all know that one of the problems that cannot be avoided with any rechargeable vape device is the charging problem.

Do you know the correct way to charge?Do you know what problems can be caused by the wrong charging method error?

We've seen too many hot news stories about exploding vape injuring people. One of the reasons for the existence of this problem is ultimately the battery problem.


In fact, for most of the vape companies with production licenses, whether RELX or other vape brands. The batteries used are all tested for formal safety. Do not put in overheated places or reasonable charging, there is basically no problem of explosion and injury.

So where does the explosion problem arise? The answer is: the charging method

For most of the current e-cigarette consumers are using interchangeable bullet vapes, the charging interface of such vapes is basically the same as the charging interface of Android phones, the same as Android phones, mid- to high-end vape are basically Type-C interface, the entry-level version may be a USB interface; of course, there are some entry-level versions of vapes still use the Type-C interface.

Since the charging interface is the same as that of Android phones, can we use the charging connector of the phone to charge the vape? The answer is: no.

We all know that the charging power of Android phones is basically 30 to 50 watts, and the charging power of some high-end or flagship models is up to 70 to 80 watts, or even over 100 watts. Such charging power is far beyond the charging power of the vape can withstand, the charging power of the vape is basically not more than 10W, if we use the phone charging connector to charge the vape, it is very likely to burn the vape within the protection circuit, and in serious cases, may even produce an explosion.

Therefore, the correct way to charge the vape is through the USB port on the rechargeable battery or computer or laptop, which may be slower but safer.

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