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600 Puffs Vape Review

2023-09-07 18:09:32

600 Puffs Vape.

It is Very small

Now we review the Lana Mini Vape, it is Only 600 Puffs,

it is verysmall.

The latest innovation in disposable vape devices, 

Lana Mimi brings your favourite Dripp E-Liquids in a portable form. Featuring an array of 10 flavours in bright and colourful devices,

 this vaping product may be mini but it packs a mighty punch! Dripping with flavour and screaming summer vibes, the Lana Mini boasts a 500mAh battery with 600 puffs per device.

 These delightful devices are pre-filled with 19ml/ml Nicotine Salts.

Key Features:

Disposable Device

2ml E-Liquid (pre-filled)

500mAh. battery

20mg/ml Nicotine Salts

600 Puffs

Available in 10 different flavours

flavours List:


You may not yet have heard of  Lana Mimi; it's still a relatively new addition to the market and already making waves. 

We sat down with one of our vaping connoisseurs who tested out this latest range of disposable vapes to find out just what makes this product tick.

What sets this apart from other disposable devices?

It's certainly unique and funky. The device is small enough to sit nicely in your palm or hold conservatively in your hand while vaping – great for people who prefer to stealth vape. 

The vape itself is pleasantly smooth, almost velvety on the draw with a subtle sponginess that lets you know the vapour is packed with flavour. 

There's really no compromise with this device, between the quality of airflow and flavour that delivers.

What is your favourite flavour?

Hands down, Bloody Bull Strawberry knocks it out of the park. I've always been preferential to energy drink flavoured vapes, but sometimes they can be a little overwhelmingly sweet.

 If you've ever vaped this sort of flavour yourself, you might know what I mean when I say the flavour can be a bit numbing! But Bloody Bull Strawberry really excels at giving you that quality energy drink taste,

 and by including the hit of strawberry towards the end, helps makes it a much more balanced vape. I'd happily vape this all day.

Lana Mimi Bloody Bull Strawberry Flavour 

How would you rate the flavour?

The flavour is superb, certainly up there with the best, but not overwhelmingly sweet like some others can be. They're well-balanced flavours that give you more of the authentic taste, than artificial sweetness.

What was your experience with Lana Mimi?

From just opening the box that the Lana Mimi come in, I could catch a scent of the flavour. As I said before they're brilliant to vape with how they just sit nicely in your palm, 

and with the little fluted mouthpiece, it's simple and fun to vape with. With each draw you get a hit of flavour with the smooth vapour, and especially with  Strawberry, 

it's a taste that pleasantly lingers for a while. With it being so portable and discrete it was perfect to vape with for the entire day. It certainly remained a consistent vape throughout the day, 

and I even tried a few different flavours to keep things fresh.

now we have tested the package box step by step.





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