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5 notes on first-time use of vapes

2022-12-13 15:18:15
1. Why do I cough when I use e-cigarette for the first time?

A: It is normal to cough when using e-cigarette for the first time, basically 1-2 days to adapt. First of all, the high nicotine content will produce too much stimulation to the throat, which is what we usually call the feeling of hitting the throat, and stimulate the throat to cause coughing, at this time, choose a small nicotine content of the cigarette oil, which can reduce the stimulation to the throat and ease the coughing phenomenon. Another possible cause of coughing is the e-cigarette itself. When people switch from smoking to e-cigarettes for the first time, they are not used to the feeling of vapor in the throat. They inhale the vapor in the same way as smoking, which can also irritate the throat and cause coughing. Plus the heat from the atomized vapor causes dryness in the throat, which can also cause you to cough.

2. What if I inhale vapor oil?

A: What you inhale is not smoke oil, it is condensation in the airway of the smoke bomb, you can shake the smoke bomb nozzle down a few times to shake out the condensation.

3. What should I do if I have an oil leak?

A: In extreme cold and hot weather, as well as violent transportation, it may lead to individual oil leakage, so remove the plug at both ends of the bomb and blow gently into the mouthpiece to blow out the oil and wipe it clean, which does not affect normal use.

4. How to store the unsealed cartridges?

A: Please tighten the silicone plugs at both ends of the cartridge and keep it sealed.

5. How to choose the charging plug?

A: Please be sure to use the charging plug that comes with the kit or the stick (usually 5V1A; some high-end sticks may support fast charging, and its charging power will be higher), when fully charged, the indicator fire will go out, so be sure to disconnect the charge in time. Try to avoid using high-power fast-charging plugs (for example: the charging plug of each cell phone charging)

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