Vape Knowledge

#1. Things you didn't know about e-cigarettes

2022-11-05 14:30:19

The first thing to note is that real cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are basically two things, and most people do not know this concept. In terms of smoking, one is the solid particles produced after combustion, and the other is the mist produced by the high-temperature atomization of the liquid. The former is smoked bacon and the latter is drinking oil. These are purely two concepts. Another fact that is easily misunderstood is that e-cigarettes are not smoking cessation products, but can only be regarded as an aid to smoking cessation at most, a substitute for smoking. Its principle is to use nicotine to solve physical addiction, and use simulated smoke and the taste of simulated smoke to solve psychological addiction, so as to achieve the effect of real smoking.


Another situation is that in the end, you may quit smoking, but you get addicted to e-cigarettes. It is actually very common. My friends in the electronic cigarette enthusiast group basically are in that situation. At the beginning of vaping, most of my friends may feel that it is better to vape than smoking, because e-liquid itself does not contain tar, and there is still a certain degree of difference in taste from real cigarettes.

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