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​How to Make Your Own E-liquids for Disposable Vape

2023-10-31 17:08:26

Below gives details about how to create e-liquid flavors, saving you money and giving you the tools to create your own unique flavours. With a little time and experimentation you can create flavours 

that are awesome to vape and you can make time and time again. Once you have the base ingredients and tools, outlined below and easily sourced you’ll be ready to get creating. Enjoy the process, and don’t worry its really easy!

E liquid for e-cigarettes combines a couple of ingredients that are super accessible and easy to put together - with a little experimentation you could be creating perfect e-liquid flavors.

 E-liquid is made up of vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene (PG), nicotine and flavorings. E-liquid can vary in price depending on the retailer, but costs can quickly get expensive especially if you vaping all the time. With these instructions you’ll have the opportunity to make your own e-liquid, giving you great savings and the chance to create your own unique flavors that can be totally customized to your taste buds.

Top tips I have learnt along the way, which will become much more clearer if you read all of the instructions. If you want to create thicker e-juice use less distilled water, less PG and more VG. Use more VG to create more vape. For a greater throat hit, use more PG, this creates much less vapour so you can vape in public places more easily.

Lets jump in..

What do I need to get started so I too can create cheap e-liquids?

You’ll need the following to get started, firstly you need to get the e-liquid base. You can use VG, PG or AG (ageuous glycerin). You must use food grade, this is very important and you can pick this up from various retailers and online. A tip would be to start with 50/50 PG/VG. As you create more e-juice, you can change this percentage to your preference.

Other things you need to become a mad scientist include a syringe, a pipette and a cylinder to measure your ingredience - this is pretty important as your measuring needs to be as accurate as possible. Make notes of the exact amounts you apply, because if you create something awesome you can replicate it time and time again. A syringe will give you the most accurate measurements and will be your go to instrument, pipettes will help when dealing with strong flavours such as coffee and tobaccos when you don’t need to add too much! For extra care, use safety goggles, rubber gloves and apron and the look is complete.

Adding flavour to e-liquid

For adding flavour to your liquid you must use food grade, it must also be high temperature resistant and water soluble. Again various retailers stock this and you can find this online with a simple search. Flavours that are only room temperature resistant probably won’t be suitable so be aware of this when shopping for flavours. Here you can be creative, mix different flavours together and create you own blend.

Adding nicotine

Adding nicotine; depending on your nicotine intake levels most e-liquid comes in 12, 18, 24mg’s per refill and its a wise move to follow the same measurements. It is worth noting that nicotine levels will become diluted once flavors are added so you may want to step up one level. For example if you vape 12mg you may want to consider going up to 18mg. This can be fined tuned and you can take levels down over time to create the perfect mix.

When buying nicotine - VERY IMPORTANT

When you buy nicotine the amount listed on the bottle is the density per milliliter NOT density per bottle. So when you buy a 10ml bottle of 18mg (10ml x 18mg) of nicotine this would have 180mg of nicotine. This is very important to remember. 18mg of nicotine would therefore be 1.8% of the bottle. Too much nicotine is toxic so use with caution and keep out of reach from children.

Additives and sweeteners

Creating flavours is the fun part, and for this you’ll need to use additives, such as sweeteners and menthol crystals. There are a number of additives that can be applied to create nutty, sweet and sour flavours. A little experimentation here is needed to get the perfect blend, try combining flavours to get unique tasting e-liquid. To reduce the thickness of your e-juice try adding distilled water (do not use tap water).

Cartridges and refillable bottles

You need to keep your e-liquid in bottles or refillable cartridges. You can purchase make small and large sizes. These come in all shapes and sizes, the bigger the batch you create the cheaper it will be become. However, I recommend you start with a small batch as you do not want to be left with e-juice you do not like the taste of and with smaller quantities you can experiment much more. You can purchase small and large sized bottles. Cartridges should be air tight, water tight and its recommended you leave in dark place so there not affected by nature light.

Thats it, go away and get started, its easy so don't fear - be creative and happy vaping.

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